Our Story

At Work Mind Matters, we are passionate about infusing compassion and understanding into the workplace.

We value

The concept of Work Mind Matters was born out of the realisation of the impact that mental ill health is having on both employers and employees in the South African workplace, along with the lack of open dialogue which currently surrounds this crucial topic.

If you can’t talk openly about something, you can’t manage it, which is why we have set out to break the stigma surrounding mental illness in the work place.

Since our first conference in 2019, we have discussed mental health in workplaces via Connect Sessions in 2020. We have participated in International workshops and presented to various local and international groups always with a deep desire to see the dialogue across management and employees grow in all organizations.

We believe this discussion is having a positive effect on the workplaces, and we desire to keep the conversation alive and relevant as we discuss practical solutions to mental health issues that are appearing in every industry.

Our Team

Alison is a qualified Occupational Therapist who started her career in the rural South African communities and went on to open her own private practice 9 years ago. She gained extensive experience in medico-legal and insurance related assessments but her focus has shifted toward vocational rehabilitation, return to work and case management for the insurance industry. The increasing number of referrals of clients with mental health conditions compelled her to break the stigma surrounding mental health and advise companies that mental health is an issue they simply cannot afford to ignore. Due to this passion to see change, she has been invited to be the South African Ambassador for the Mad World Forum (www.madworldforum.com) in the UK. Alison is happily married with three active children. She always enjoys the outdoors and when time and energy allows, she loves to open her pop-up coffee shop from her home.