Anna Donald is an internationally trained psychologist, coach and facilitator ( Her passion is in introducing the people she works with to accessible ideas, tools and practices that can support them to increase their awareness, free them from the struggle with unhelpful thoughts, develop the capacity to work skilfully with emotions, nurture a kinder relationship with themselves, and give them greater choice in creating the life they want to live.

Anna uses a mindfulness-based approach in all her work. By supporting clients to develop their capacity for awareness, they begin to know the nature of their own minds. With this insight, skillful choice becomes available, and clients are able to navigate their day-to-day experience with far greater maturity, wisdom and compassion.

Anna is also the co-founder of the company Mindful Revolution
( Besides seeing clients, she has spent the last five years developing mindfulness-based programmes for organisations, facilitating the work in South Africa and internationally, and training new facilitators.