Dr Annemarie Lombard is the Founder and CEO of Sensory intelligence® Consulting. She has a PhD in Occupational therapy, acquired through the University of Cape Town in 2012. She has 30 years of national and international experience in people development and learning and practised as an occupational therapist for 15 years dealing with children with special needs, learning and attention difficulties. She is a registered Occupational therapist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. She is the thought leader behind Sensory Intelligence®, a sensory processing subject expert and the author of “Sensory Intelligence: Why It Matters More Than IQ and EQ”, published by Metz Press, 2007. She has been published widely across newspaper and magazine print media, been a guest on various radio programmes and South African television shows. She is a regular and popular conference speaker.

Sensory Intelligence® was started in 2003 and the concept and theories are fully rooted in neuroscience, brain development and learning. Annemarie does extensive on-line sensory profiling and workshops for leaders, work teams, healthcare professionals, wellness practitioners, parents and teachers by unpacking sensory neuroscience in a no-nonsense, practical and easy to understand format. She and a team of occupational therapists present various workshops for schools, parents, teachers and therapists in South Africa and the UK.

Annemarie lives in Cape Town and is happily married to Eugene and they have two boys, age 18 and 13. She is passionate about people, wellness, learning, development and being more connected in the 21st century.