Charlotte has worked across many different industries but has always been passionate about people and their potential. With her Masters in Social Development Practice, she founded a charity in Zimbabwe building preschools for orphaned and vulnerable children, working with the local community as well as local and international donors to see the centres take shape. Alongside this, Charlotte qualified as a Personal Trainer and extended this into Coaching as she recognized the need for a holistic approach to our wellness and wellbeing. She works with individuals, corporates and NGOs to help people live in their true identity and thus reach their full potential. Charlotte offers individual coaching, group coaching and workshops that help people to gain clarity and freedom through recognizing and debunking limiting beliefs, clearing away confusion and helping clients to move through and past their fears. Now living in Cape Town with her husband and 18-month-old son, Charlotte enjoys being active, spending time with people, learning, growing and exploring her ‘self’ and the world.