We run courses for organizations and corporates who want to delve deeper into what mental health in the workplace means, what to look out for and how to start conversations around mental health.

We describe the meaning of corporate mental wellness and the relationship between mental and physical health from a medical perspective, and present it in a way that businesses understand. We support this with a practical application of managing mental ill health.

The courses we offer are a series of empower sessions. We look at the importance of preventing the development of employee mental illness and they show how to create a corporate culture that fosters resilience and emotional agility.

Just a selection of the empower sessions which suit your organization’s circumstances and you can help build a better workplace environment, rather than the toxic environments which breed anxiety, depression, stress and burnout in the workplace.

Our sessions are relevant to all levels of employment. While often top management are cautious to discuss these potentially sensitive subjects, our experience is that sessions are appropriate across management levels. They are not just another HR training session. In a short discussion it quickly becomes evident that similar mental health issues transcend employment levels.

Each session is suited to a lunch hour and lasts no longer than 60 minutes. They can be presented online or face-to-face.  At the end of a session, your employees will have:

  • a better insight understanding of mental health
  • a stress management and mental health first aid kit
  • a road map for creating a working environment that is conducive to starting conversations around mental health
  • tools to shift mindsets and break stigma

Our aim is to create awareness and better understanding of mental health, grow a platform of support within, and between, organisations and develop solutions that will transform workplace culture and enhance mental wellness at all levels of organisations within the South African context. At the same time, we strive to break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Let us help you to start the conversation within your workplace. Together we can tackle the stigma and start the conversation!

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