Delphine Oliver has extensive experience in the public and private health sector, through her work as a clinical and research physiotherapist over 25 years. Her academic achievements include an MPhil degree in sports physiotherapy and an MSc (med) specializing in exercise science, both obtained at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She now works as an Integral + Coaching Practitioner empowering individuals and teams to juggle the many aspects of living in a complex world with physical and emotional resilience and vibrancy. In her work Delphine draws on her understanding of human biology, the wisdom of the Enneagram, Heartrate Variability Training and Leadership Maturity Framework. Delphine works as an affiliate coach with Integral + Africa, The Coaching Centre, Bergvliet, Cape Town, participating in coaching programmes in the corporate and NPO sector. As a faculty member Delphine facilitates the Integral Health module, is a mentor and assessor for the Integral + Practitioners Coaching Programme. Delphine gets great joy from parenting three lively children and re-charges her batteries by spending time in nature, exercising, knitting and meditating.