John’s goal is to inspire a profound leadership shift in the business world. He’s engaging and challenging business leaders to change the way they live, lead, play, love – and think. Having survived many ‘long dark nights with the soul’ – which triggered his own life-long journey of self-transformation – John now works with business leaders and their teams, to leap across the gap that most don’t even know exists. His intention is to help them shift their primary focus from business outputs, to maximizing their own effectiveness – through Radical Personal Recalibration. By exposing their own self-deceiving patterns – which sit at the very core of their Personal Operating System – leaders’ eyes are permanently opened and they cannot help but shift their style of leadership. This in turn influences how their people engage with the business. Care about your people – really – and they’ll care about your business. John left the corporate world to paraglide full-time. After ‘crashing and burning’, he started his own leadership development business in 1994. He’s worked with many blue-chip companies, individuals, couples and sports people. He’s an entrepreneur (building a people development App) with a Master of Science degree and a Higher Diploma in Education.