Over the course of her career, Michelle developed a skill set that equips her in bringing diverse perspectives together to shape strategic solutions, proactively build partnerships and effectively drive change within organisations across various industries.

In 2012 Michelle established Electus Recruitment – a full-service recruitment and HR consultancy. Passionate about the value of prioritising people, nurturing a healthy organisational culture and challenging conventional structures, Michelle left her own business to take on the role of Talent Management & Communications at Lacuna Innovation in 2016.Her role has since evolved to Head of Trends and Insights, as she supports Lacuna’s structured approach to Front-End Innovation. Working alongside a team of interesting and intelligent individuals, Michelle’s expertise lies in engaging with relevant research to solve diverse and complex challenges. As Head of Trends and Insights, Michelle is responsible for identifying trends, developing insights and utilising scenario planning to anticipate shifts in consumer values, beliefs, and behaviours. Michelle is passionate about carefully investigating human experience and behaviour, about reimagining means to spark and distil insight, and about inspiring teams and clients to address people’s needs through impactful and auspicious design. Michelle aspires to help individuals consider, connect and create with confidence.