Romany started her career as a nurse but soon felt that she needed to pursue a career targeted at obtaining justice for those failed by the very system that is intended to protect them.  Romany believed a law degree was the answer and was adamant that the only law she would practice would incorporate her other passion, medicine. Romany has practised as a medical law specialist for 12 years and is the Western Cape Branch Chairperson of the South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA) which is an independent, neutral, educational platform where medical and legal minds can meet to debate topical issues relating to medico-legal issues.  In 2018 Romany hosted a conference focussing on physician suicide rates in South Africa and the prevalence of Burnout and Post traumatic Stress being a major factor in the loss of our medical practitioners. In 2020 she will host the Director and makers of the acclaimed documentary film “Do No Harm” in a countrywide screening tour bringing awareness and a voice to those who suffer in silence.