Sid has worked on many blue-chip brands, spoken to diverse audiences and has experience in the entire distribution chain, from manufacturing to marketing to the consumer’s mind.

However, it is his foray into the management of depression that is his passion. With values that encompass curiosity, clarity and creativity, Sid is able to bring a totally fresh (and somewhat entertaining) perspective to the subject of depression. Although a mixture of stand-up and personal anecdotes of the events that have enabled him to flourish in a tough business environment, his content is guided by peer-reviewed clinical data.

His experience would be the content of an adventure novel. Besides the usual fare of backpacking around the world for a year, jumping out of an airplane (non-tandem), working as a river guide, getting a black belt in karate, attending the last ‘real Buffalo Rally (where you were only allowed to light your cigarettes off the exhaust of you bike) and being the Paarl 1972 Coca-Cola yo-yo champion, his other positions include: CEO, creative director, strategic planning director, national services manager (for 400 pharmacies), door to door salesman, lecturer and professional actor. He also made a short film, but it wasn’t very good.

Sid is the author of The Clear Win available on Amazon, is a qualified pharmacist and has an MBA from the University of Cape Town. He is also widely published online – you can read his latest article on depression here where he shares the 2METS strategy.

Sid still holds down his day job as the Executive Director of the Cape Chamber of Commerce & Industry – a tough assignment for anyone – depressed or not.  The Chamber is responsible for serving its 2 000 member companies. Yes, that’s as hectic as it sounds. But with the 2METS equation that he will share with you, he has succeeded beyond his (and the Board’s) expectations. You can see a sample of Sid’s talk here