Svea is a word-smith by passion who works with people to co-construct environments where constructive conversations can grow and flourish. She is committed to working with people facing hardship, uncertainty and complexity, who may have good reasons to be low in hope that change is possible or likely. She is known for “words are everywhere. We use them all day. How we use our words, to what benefits or harm to self and others, is a choice. Let’s forge conversations with audacious, compassionate ingenuity”.

Svea draws on her expertise in Educational Psychology (D.Ed Ed Psych – Adult Education and Eco-systemic Thinking), in qualitative research and evaluation (trainer, supervisor, independent consultant), in Professional Coaching (ICF-MCC), and in Solution-focused Brief Practice (trainer, supervisor, practitioner, author).

Svea’s experience in working with the intricate web surrounding mental illness, mental health and interpersonal conversations in the workplace was honed during her days with the CCMA. She continues to be perplexed about the well-intentioned policies and practices in workplaces that act counter-intuitively to create and maintain stuckness. She seeks to help people identify the smallest word-tweaking improvements that they can create under current conditions, and that can create rippling, lasting benefits. She works locally and in the online international space.