Dr Thembelihle Dube-Addae is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, based in Century City, Cape Town. Her key focus areas are identity and leadership development. Her primary aim is to help individuals develop healthier relationships with themselves so as to better relate to others and she supports professionals on how to negotiate micro-aggressions in the workplace. Apart from offering psychotherapy for the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, Dr Dube-Addae provides group psychotherapy at Summit Clinic and lectures in clinical psychology at Stellenbosch University. Interests include books and music – listening to anything from Linkin Park, Sibongile Khumalo and Andrea Bocelli to The Carters and Kwesta depending on her mood. She loves travelling with her husband and relishes yoga – even though she still can’t do the wheel. She’s also currently learning how to be a mermaid (read: how to swim) and treasures the time with her family and friends.