Like you, Trudy Tanner has seen and experienced the world of leadership in many ways over the years. Is it influence and credibility? Is it authenticity, integrity and decisiveness? Is it position and status? Is it vision and charisma? Is it only in some and not in others? What is the story of leadership all about?

With close to 3 decades of partnering, consulting, coaching and working in the business world, her views on leadership are simple. Her credo is founded in the fact that she believes that leadership is all about ensuring that your influence inspires and facilitates growth equally in yourself and those around you for the greater good of the individuals, the business in which we work, and the communities in which we live. She has a passion for nudging people and businesses awake so that they empower themselves in mindfully and confidently transforming themselves in embracing their possibilities.

Organisational Culture is a competitive advantage that lies in the control of an organisations leaders. The quality of an organisations culture is mirrored by the quality of an organisations leaders. A key question you will, therefore, hear from her is: “Are we truly awake as leaders in the way we are landing our impact in life?” Everyday our reputation as a leader is being shaped by us and for us by the signals we give off through the things we do and say, and more importantly, through the things we don’t do and say. In realising our possibility as a leader, Trudy guides leaders in finding their answers to the question “how can we ‘awake’ to who we truly are and mindfully shape our skills in landing our influence and impact in the workplace in an authentic and constructive way?”

Trudy appreciates and empowers others with the awareness that business and leadership are, at their core, all about people. Our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our partners, our stakeholders are all people with expectations and needs. So to ensure sustainable success in business and leadership it is important that we understand ourselves, as leaders, and our people. Performance is powered through people. Trudy has an ability to support the shaping of an authentic leadership mindset through conversations that create the space to inspire the best in people, creatively find solutions to the hard truths and explore ways to celebrate great wins. Trudy’s fusion of experience, real-life stories and her authentic, intuitive, open, light-hearted and diplomatically direct conversational techniques connect with an audience at an intimate, insightful and individual level.

“>Trudy has served as the owner of PSYGRO for the past 8½ years where she continues to work alongside insightful and inspiring individuals in the business world. Companies such as Singita, Unilever, Litha Healthcare, At Source Handmade Foods (Pty) Ltd, Hills Pet Nutrition South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Brandhouse, Vinimark, Media 24 and Anglo American Mines have partnered with Trudy when they are looking to tap into a team’s collective ‘knowingness’, quickly build strong collaborative and cohesive leadership teams, prepare the ground for real conversations and informed, balanced decision making, mindfully manage change or to shape their strategy and culture.

Trudy is a soulful, intuitive and light-hearted individual who is passionately curious about life, people, and the world of work. Over the past 28 years, in addition to the journeys she undertakes with the support of a strong team at PsyGro, Trudy has spent time operationally, tactically and strategically, working in SME’s and for the likes of Standard Bank and Unilever across functional areas at all levels of management, both locally and globally. Her working experience includes professional world-class expertise in many disciplines including shaping company culture, leadership development, team development, customer service excellence, organisational change management, sales, logistics, banking, sales and business forecasting, business planning, innovation planning, and project leadership.

Trudy enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, reading, running on the beach with her dogs, as well as surfing, soaking up the wonder of nature and spending a bit of creative time dabbling in photography and on the guitar.