WHY should you attend the Work Mind Matters Conference 2019?


Mental health in the workplace has become a pressing issue and is receiving ever increasing attention on the global stage. It is time South Africa, and Africa in general, joins the conversation. We will provide the opportunity to learn more about this key issue.


Understand best practices and the means to implement mental health strategies through interactive breakaways, case studies, and thought-provoking panel discussions. Hear from over 20 cross-industry speakers from a wide range of sectors, all sharing their knowledge and experience on workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing.

Knowledge Exchange

Our interactive breakaways cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the impact of leadership on mental health strategies through to legal clarity
around evolving regulations. Learn from your cross-industry peers on how they are approaching the same challenges that you are facing.


Keep connected with new business contacts and industry connections that will help you move beyond the “why” to the “how” of implementing mental health strategies.


With insight into what works, from inspiring keynotes to practical examples, go back to your workplace with fresh thinking so you can talk about mental health, wellbeing and workplace culture in a new way, armed with a clear plan of action.

WHO should attend?

The responsibility for mental wellbeing in the workplace is a corporate function and crosses all job titles, departments and business sectors.

From small business leaders and entrepeneurs to large corporate CEOs and HR directors, it’s time to start the conversation, break the stigma and make a positive impact on the mental wellness of your workforce.

Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Chief Medical Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, HR Directors, Leaders in Health, Safety and Occupational Health, Corporate Social Responsibility Leaders, Medical and Mental Health Specialists, Head of Wellbeing or EAPs, Insurers, Head of People & Talent, Head of Employee Engagement, Head of Internal Communications, Next generation leadership teams and more.

WHAT will you and your company gain if you attend?


that you can make a visible difference, not only to the lives of your employees but also to the bottom line of your business

Realise practical solutions

that are a good fit for your organisation and can be implemented immediately, with a strong focus on prevention

Actionable takeaways

to develop mental wellness business policies

Enhance and inspire

a healthy mental wellness culture in your workplace environment

Provide insight

into identifying those in your organisation who may be at risk

New understanding

of how best to manage and support each individual on their journey

Build your own network

 of support for mental wellness

WHERE will the World Mind Matters experience lead?

  • Inspire new thinking in leadership through honest interaction with dynamic local and global leaders, around the topic of mental health and wellness.
  • Understanding of best practice around how to break the stigma of mental health in the workplace.
  • Knowledge of best practice around how to create a workplace that enables positive mental health.
  • Change how people with a mental health condition are perceived and treated at work.
  • Bring hope to individuals that it’s possible to recover and thrive from a mental health illness like depression and anxiety.

HOW do you convince whoever it is you need to convince, that you should attend?

Tips for presenting supporting factors on why the company should invest in delegates attending the World Mind Matters Conference this year.

What opportunities and challenges exist for your company, and how can the plentiful and varied presentations in the Work Mind Matters Conference programme help you achieve success in these areas?

Which presentations and workshops do you plan to attend, and how will they benefit your employer? Plan your attendance well before you arrive.

How much will your entire trip to the conference cost the company? Preparing a budget in advance can help your supervisor make the decision. Accommodation and travel options need not be expensive if you book early.