Wouter is a well-rounded brand and marketing specialist with a keen interest in matters of the mind and how the mind relates to the body. Wouter gained perspective of the pharmaceutical world starting as a sales representative. This is where he forged relationships with specialists across the mental health realm. After truly understanding the complexity, magnitude and opportunities in mental health, Wouter became a product manager at Cipla. His special interest led him to become one of Cipla’s largest portfolio managers managing the central nervous system portfolio and maintaining market leading status for most of the CNS brands. Wouter has since been promoted to Head of Marketing of Cipla’s prescription division where his special talents and skills in business strategy and marketing will be utilised across the entire prescription division.

Wouter has been known to produce an excellent cup of coffee, understand the deep nuances of fine whisky, is able to detail the exact process of good winemaking and is a car and speed enthusiast. He even enjoys a spin around the latin American dance floor when time allows. His role as husband and father to a new-born baby is his focus as part of his work/life balance.